Welcome to my website. This site documents my various research activities in particular Neuropterida – Neuroptera (lacewings, antlions, etc.), Raphidioptera (snakeflies), and Megaloptera (alderflies, dobsonflies, fishflies).

My research interests lie in the field of evolution, taxonomy, ecology, conservation, and biodiversity of insects. I am interested in how insect diversity has changed over time, both in the recent and geological past, and how this can inform us on the future survival of insects during the current biodiversity crisis.

I am interested in the methods and techniques of biological recording, species monitoring, and conservation. I am a lead organiser of the British Isles Lacewing and Allies Recording Scheme, national verifier of Lacewings and their Allies on iRecord, and regularly undertake biological (e.g. insects, arthropods, birds, bats, small mammals) and habitat surveys.

I have an interest in in the use of technology in entomology/palaeontology and how we can use techniques, such as geometric morphometrics to identify specimens, interpret colour pattern types, decipher sexual dimorphism, and intraspecific variation. I am also interested in how technology can be used to digitise collections, helping to preserve specimens and make them available to a wider audience.